Uniquely tailored medical eating plans

DNA Diet - What we test for

The most tailored approach to medical eating plans

  • Weight loss and weight loss maintenance

  • Healthy eating (improving health and disease prevention e.g. Anti-Cancer/ Prevent heart disease and diabetes etc.)

  • Anti-ageing (prevent/ slows down DNA damage that causes ageing and disease)

  • Healthy Weight maintenance

We test 20 genes related to:

  • Carbohydrate intolerance/ sensitivity gene – do you have to exclude carbohydrates from your diet and to what extent should carbohydrates be restricted in the eating plan

  • 3 Sugar/ Refined carbohydrate “dependence” genes

    • Brain receptor (Dopamine Receptor) dependence on sugar/ refined carbohydrates.

    • The genetic tendency to seek out and eat sweet foods/ refined carbohydrates

    • Insulin release following a meal refined carbohydrates

  • Foods to avoid and beneficial foods to increase in the diet

  • 7 Overweight susceptibility genes

  • CLOCK gene - indicating when your metabolism is higher – in the morning or evening, as well as tendency to want to snack from late afternoon to after supper

  • 1 Gene regarding exercise intensity - how many hours per week, and at what intensity should you exercise

  • 4 Genes indicating metabolic rate and ability to lose weight. Also the risk for regaining the weight after weight loss

  • 3 Satiety signal genes (ability to experience feeling “full” after a meal or snack)

  • 4 Diabetes/ Insulin resistance risk genes

  • 2 Diet related Cholesterol risk genes (increased Triglycerides)