Result driven eating plans based on the latest scientific research and customised to your DNA

About My Diet Dieticians

Dietician Liz-Mare Lusardi and the team of dieticians at My Diet dieticians have designed over 15 000 tailored eating plans over 14 years. They work with a referral network of over 30 medical specialists.

The dieticians at My Diet are passionate about nutrition and strive to stay up to date with the latest medical science.  They specialise in, and are highly trained in the science of Nutrigenomics (DNA based eating plans). The success of their approach lies in scientific eating plans that are easy and practical to follow. All eating plans are adapted to the client's lifestyle, food preferences and individual needs.


A DNA eating plan is the most tailored Medical approach to eating.

DNA is in every cell in your body, and the eating plan is based on the individuals unique genetic profile. The DNA sample is taken by Oral swab test (thus it is not a blood test).  Results from the test will determine what foods the individual should include and exclude from their diet to lose weight, and to prevent lifestyle related disease risks e.g. Risk for cancer.


Medical eating plans tailored to individual needs

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